sábado, 10 de noviembre de 2012

my high school...

My life in high school (Tec 2)

In high school one happen to good and bad things about it and you are good and bad memories of friends, friends, teachers and the subjects they carry, as well as enjoying being a student and sometimes hate being a high school student. During these years as a high school student who live grabbing things start to grow and think things are going to do, the school is the stage of adolescence where all desasen grab and things and begin to develop a sense of responsibility and mature, well almost everyone.
In high school and that is where you live your youth and are in the stage of wanting to do everything, where curiosity is bigger, some do things like throw something at the teacher's coffee you did not like and that soportabas or teacher the most hated stuff, get away from the classes with friends or boyfriend (a) for a movie, in my case the film was a few blocks away so it was not expensive and difficult tas reach the theater, and sometimes even answer the teacher in the worst way because you said it was annoying to the task, who has not done that.
And after all those things you do it's time to rest and breakfast, when all crowded into the cafeteria, in memories, in the cafeteria who does not remember those who beat them to the kids with this being the first, or attention when they voted only for the food of others or they poured all their food in the cafeteria lived funny things like seeing the fall of the students to finish their breakfast because treading buy something that others had already voted for refreshment or something else these falls were funny because they took a lot of tie were so funny that you are not missing either known for that.
After falling in the cafeteria that lacked no longer wanted grumpy alleviated, in high school he lived and saw many fights, with students not wanting to look like a scary and sometimes by the bride or the students by a boy, and sometimes it has nothing to do but hey, the peel in my high school that did were in the pediment that were winged or sows in basketball and football, in fact my time in high school were many fights up with other schools like othom P. 15 and, in those peel the police had to intervene, that day lifted and suspended many students in school five days and spent all one day arrested.
For all those who passed my secondary peel was nice remembering that there know friendships that can last a lifetime, as well as remembering the buildings and was the school was nice buildings, shops and offices, but now the remodeled and I am more beautiful as it did a pretty good fachado and put a fountain and the civic square and fixed, stay pretty. But still the tec. 2 was a time a house for me were fine parents laboratories all materials was what I liked and science labs were my favorite subjects like math and let's put the history and art that were more hated Spanish and civic and ethical matters were annoying, so hated being a high school student and so hated by the huge books that we had to carry.

sábado, 27 de octubre de 2012

My visit to Alberta, Canada

Arrive on Saturday at 10:30 am to Alberta Canada, and went to the Caribou Lodge hotel, to rest because he was tired from the trip I left the hotel in the evening to walk a few blocks of Alberta, and for dinner, after dinner back to the hotel to continue resting to leave the next day.
On Sunday morning a light eats breakfast in the hotel restaurant, and decided to take the train to the Rockies: A spectacular experience is to take a train from Vancouver, Jasper National Park (a World Heritage Site according to UNESCO) and Edmonton. Here you can see unique landscapes with its glass roof and comfort of this transport.
On Monday I decided to spend all day at West Edmonton Mall: The largest mall in North America, and until recently the world's largest, is located in Edmonton, Alberta. It has over 800 stores, a large water park, another roller coasters, hotels, chapels, etc.. It has an area of ​​about 570,000 m2 and parking for more than 20,000 vehicles.
On Tuesday I decided to take a car to go to breakfast and go buy the mall and go visit the Columbia Ice Field: who is in Alberta, between Jasper and Banff National Park, five hours from Edmonton or Calgary, is daunting a glacier that can be visited by tourists.

On Wednesday I decided to go to the museum that is built into the side of a cliff that was used by the Plains Indians for many years as a trap for the Buffalos. This place is a heritage for humanity and it is a very interesting place to explore Native American culture.
On Thursday I decided to visit the Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park, located 44 km from Alberta, this park is a world heritage, as it has carved stones, which were created by Native Blackfeet. After my visit there that night I decided to enjoy the night at a disco that was che not amazing.
And on Friday it was my last day in Alberta, Canada, and as I was very tired from all that had been visiting, I decided to stay at the hotel to enjoy the fitness room, Red Earth Spa offers massages, Vichy, manicures, pedicures, waxing, facials, a heated pool whirlpool, steam bath.
That was a very good week.

lunes, 22 de octubre de 2012

Reading Strategies.

1. - Why do you think it is important to read?

2. - What reading strategy often used?

3. - How can we retain information more efficiently we just read?

4. - How can we better understand a text?

5. - What kind of texts do you read?

Why is English important?

English is important because it is a language spoken in most of the world, and because it is a language that is very important for business areas, as well as the music of great singers are in English as well as of great writers books, novels and sagas of these days or maybe to enjoy great movies and movie premieres.
The English like a great door of opportunity to enter the best universities and get very good jobs these days.

miércoles, 10 de octubre de 2012

I am.


My name is Ariana Josefa Velazquez Avila, I have 18 years born on November 11, in the city of Chetumal, Quintana Roo.

Today I'm studying my 
baccalaureate in the CBTA # 11, I'm on my fifth semester specializing in Technical Management, matter I like most is that of probability and statistics and accounting.

I have many hobbies such as drawing, music and played sports before, but my favorite hobby is music, and relaxing and great fun when I'm with my friends we love music.